High-Performance CAD-CAM for CNC Turning Centers

BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ software for 2 axis lathe and turning centers makes it easy to set advanced 2 axis toolpaths for OD and ID roughing, finishing, threading, grooving, boring, drilling, and cut offs. This powerful CAM programming software is a complete CNC lathe solution for all of your simple and complex part turning jobs.


The NC code editor has seen an enhancement, and we are proud to introduce the new NcEditor product into the BobCAD-CAM product line. This product was developed to make your code editing and review much faster and more efficient, as well as provide the ability to simulate your NC programs directly!.

Features of BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ CNC Lathe Software

The new BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ Lathe Gold Partner CAM solution allows you to apply powerful toolpath operations to your part models right inside of SOLIDWORKS™. Using an intuitive wizard driven interface, you’re able to quickly set up 2 axis machining operations for maximum programming efficiency. Applying multiple machining strategies to a single model feature is made easy with Dynamic Machining Strategies™. You also have access to a realistic machine simulation right inside of BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ that allows you to test and confirm your programming before ever cutting a chip.



Canned Cycles

Utilize your machine's canned cycles for short, efficient programs that are easy to edit at the control. Optional separate moves are available for those machines without canned cycle for OD / ID rough & finish.


Tool Holder Definition

Quickly set up holders for right or left hand, neutral and back turning. Choose from the default holder shapes and enter sizes that define the holders.


Custom Holder & Insert

Draw your custom tool profiles and holders to match non-standard tooling, which is supported in gouge checking and undercutting.


Feature Type Programming

Easily define where on your part geometry you want toolpath created using the feature type programming drop-down. Pick from OD, ID, Front Face & Back Face.


Stock Tracking / Operation Stock

Keep track of your in-process stock as you add machining features to your turning jobs. Use operation stock as a boundary to contain your toolpath and trim away unwanted movements.


Remove Undercuts

Prevent your tool from dipping down in grooves and other undercuts found parallel to your X or Z axis.


Grooving Cycles

Choose from Standard, Single-pass or Zig-Zag grooving patterns that accommodate for all grooving applications.


Finishing Cycles

Control your finish cycles with a continuous pass or alternate forced downcutting.


Roughing Cycles

Utilize a standard or offset pattern that cuts in a single or bi-directional tool motion.


Rough Allowance

Utilize rough allowance to prepare for the finish with overlap control.


Toolpath Extension

Trim or extend your toolpath with independent control of the start and end of cut.


Toolpath Constraints

Choose from stock, selected geometry or custom constraints to control where your toolpath is created.


ISO Insert Definition

Define your insert geometry based on Shape, Clearance, Tolerance and Type. Choose from multiple reference point locations.


Collision Detection & Avoidance

Tool holder and insert geometry are analyzed when programming for collisions to ensure collision-free programming.



Tool Crib

Job Setup Wizard

Dynamic Machining Strategies™

Copy & Paste Operations

Expand & Collapse in Tree

Customizable Setup Sheets

Stock Wizard

Multiple Machine Setups

Material Speed & Feed Library

Tool Holder Library

Individual & Compound Drilling Operations

Tool Database

Material Based Calculated Feeds & Speeds

Ability to Save & Load Features

3D Simulation

Work Offset Selection

Coolant Selection

Sub Program Output

3D Arc Fit – G17, G18, & G19 Plane Cutting

Associative CAM Tree

Part & Assembly Programming

Tool Library

Tool Crib

Tool Holders Library

Stock Wizard

Setup Sheet

Tool List

Feature-based Programming

Save & Load Features

Copy & Paste Features

Multiple Machine Setup Locations

Material Library

Dynamic Machining Strategies

Toolpath Backplot

Toolpath Editor

Solid 3D Simulation

Toolpath Statistics

Feedrate Mapping

Universal Post Processor

3D Arc Filter ( G17, G18, G19 Plane Cutting )

Associative CAM Tree

Toolpath Groups

Toolpath Patterns (Transform/Rotate)

Tool Dominate Machining Order

Feature Dominate Machining Order

Feature Geometry Picking Manager

Toolpath Wizard

Machine Sequence Sort Order Optimization



OD/ID Rouging

OD/ID Finishing

OD/ID Grooving



Cut Off with Chamfer & Fillet Corner Break Options

Stock Feed

Pattern Repeat Cycles

Auto-Assignment of Finish Passes


ISO Tool Definition

C, D, E, M, R, S,T, V, W Standard Insert Geometry

Laydown & Top Notch Threading Inserts

Custom Tool Profiles

Tip, Corner & Center Reference Point

Tool Holder Definition ( Left / Right, Neutral, Back )

Custom Tool Holder Profiles

Tool Nose Compensation

Remove Undercut

Region Programming

Toolpath Contraints

Toolpath Trim/Extend

Trim To Stock/Operation Stock

Advanced Feedrates



OD , ID , Front Face, Back Face Cycles

End Face



Hole/Tapped Hole

Threading Straight & Tapered

Cut Off

Stock Handling